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Which Side Are You On?
Which Side Are You On?

Pete Seeger
Styles: Folk
Catalogue Number: ACRCD167
In a career that now spans over 50 years, Pete Seeger has never compromised his music for fashion. Always overtly political and considered more than to be anti-establishment, he was a major influence on Bob Dylan and emerging folk/ rock music as well as being instrumental in the acceptance of the blues in mainstream music. The 18 titles offered here epitomise the roots of protest music. Seeger is one of the main stays of American protest/folk music alongside Woody Guthrie. His importance and influence can be seen from Bruce Springsteen’s new album- We shall Overcome- The Seeger Sessions which pays tribute to him.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Union Maid Pete Seeger
2 Washington Breakdown Pete Seeger
3 Talking Union Pete Seeger
4 Which Side Are You On Pete Seeger
5 Round And Round Hilter's Grave Pete Seeger
6 The Sinking Of The Reuben James Pete Seeger
7 C For Conscription Pete Seeger
8 Liza Jane Pete Seeger
9 All I Want Pete Seeger
10 Dear Mr. President Pete Seeger
11 Deliver The Goods Pete Seeger
12 Cindy Pete Seeger
13 Casey Jones Pete Seeger
14 Buffalo Girls Pete Seeger
15 Roll The Union On Pete Seeger
16 Talking Atom Pete Seeger
17 Newspaper Man Pete Seeger
18 Ground Hog Pete Seeger
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