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Doowop Junction
Doowop Junction

Various Artists
Styles: Doo Wop
Catalogue Number: ACMCD4000
Acrobat has now released several packages in The Road To Doo Wop series and here is our first compilation to actually arrive at the Doo Wop era, hence the title. Featured here are 25 titles from the early 50?s to early 60?s recorded for several independent labels mostly based in New York. Rarities and hits rub shoulders from legendary acts like The Harptones and The Willows. Amongst the rarities is the first CD release for The Impressions Swirl 45. This group does not feature Curtis Mayfield and the extensive liner notes explain its origins. Full biographical and discographical info is contained in the CD booklet.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 I'll Never Tell The Harptones
2 A Sunday Kind Of Love The Harptones
3 My Memories Of You The Harptones
4 I Almost Lost My Mind The Harptones
5 Pretty Little Girl The Monarchs
6 Church Bells May Ring The Willows
7 What Is Your Decision The Harptones
8 Florence The Paragons
9 Let's Start All Over Again The Paragons
10 Zoom Zoom Zoom The Collegians
11 Mexico The Rocketones
12 Happy, Happy Birthday Baby The Tuneweavers
13 Down The Isle Of Love The Quintones
14 Rockin' In The Jungle The Eternals
15 Babalu's Wedding Day The Eternals
16 You Were Mine The Fireflies
17 No Greater Miracle The Harptones
18 What Kind Of Fool The Harptones
19 Wedding Bells The Paragons
20 Once In A While The Chimes
21 Now That Summer Is Here The Videls
22 Adios The Five Discs
23 Nag The Halos
24 Don't Leave Me The Impressions
25 I Need Your Love The Impressions
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