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Ooh Look-a-there Ain't She Pretty
Ooh Look-a-there Ain't She Pretty

The Charioteers
Catalogue Number: ACRCD285
The Charioteers were a black gospel group formed in Ohio in 1930 by Billy Williams (1911-72). By 1937 the group consisted of Williams (lead tenor), Eddie Jackson (second tenor), Ira Williams (baritone), Howard Daniel (bass) and James Sherman (piano). They recorded mostly negro spirituals for the Vocalion label until they signed with Columbia in 1940. Columbia wanted to remake the group into a pop rival to Decca's Ink Spots. Soon the Charioteers were in the pop music charts with their recording of Russ Morgan's 1940 song "So Long." Although they never achieved the phenomenal success of the Ink Spots, the Charioteers' gospel-pop sound did produce a total of 7 hits of their own in the 1940s and two more in support of other artists. The Charioteers are the latest in a long line of musical acts to have their careers revisited thanks to a TV commercial. In the autumn of 2007 Marks & Spencer used their 1947 recording of “Ooh Look A There Ain’t She Pretty” to accompany the launch of their latest fashion collection. With its rolling beat the track fitted perfectly with the ads content, involving models on board the Orient Express.

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