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I'm A Night Owl - Vol. 2 - 1948-1954
I'm A Night Owl - Vol. 2 - 1948-1954

Lowell Fulson
Styles: Blues
Catalogue Number: ACRCD291
Another selection of tracks from one of the greatest blues men of the past 50 years. Included are 9 of his billboard charted hits between 1948 & 1954. Many of these recordings were released during the period covered in the recent Ray Charles biopic film “Ray”, which featured Blues singer Chris Thomas King portraying Lowell Fulson, who employed Ray Charles in his touring band. Many of these tracks are as famous for their later interpretations, for instance, both “Three O’clock Blues” and “Everyday I Have The Blues” became staples of B.B. King’s repertoire as well as hits for him in 1951 & 1955 respectively. “Come Back Baby”, “Let Me Ride In Your Automobile”, “Blue Shadows” & “Lonesome Christmas” have been recorded by other artists consistently throughout the decades. Fulson’s has received more publicity and has become even more valuable in recent years thanks to “Sinner’s Prayer” which was featured by Eric Clapton on his album “Back To The Cradle” and most recently by Ray Charles on his posthumous, multi-platinum duets album “Genius Loves Company” wherein the late star sang with B.B. King on the song. This year Eric Clapton performed Fulson’s “Reconsider Baby” live on BBC TV’s Red Nose Day charity marathon.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Three O'Clock Blues Lowell Fulson
2 Come Back Baby Lowell Fulson
3 Everyday I Have The Blues Lowell Fulson
4 I've Been Mistreated Lowell Fulson
5 Let Me Ride In Your Automobile Lowell Fulson
6 Blue Shadows Lowell Fulson
7 Low Society Blues Lowell Fulson
8 Old Time Shuffle Blues Lowell Fulson
9 Lonesome Christmas Lowell Fulson
10 Sinner's Prayer Lowell Fulson
11 Cold Hearted Woman Lowell Fulson
12 Let's Live Right Lowell Fulson
13 Why Can't You Cry For Me Lowell Fulson
14 I Love My Baby Lowell Fulson
15 Mama Bring Your Clothes Back Home Lowell Fulson
16 Upstairs Lowell Fulson
17 Back Home Blues Lowell Fulson
18 I'm A Night Owl Pt. 1 Lowell Fulson
19 Don't Leave Me Baby Lowell Fulson
20 Chuck With The Boys Lowell Fulson
21 Blues Never Fail Lowell Fulson
22 You Gotta Reap Lowell Fulson
23 Reconsider Baby Lowell Fulson
24 I Believe I'll Give It Up Lowell Fulson
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