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The Best Of Al Wilson
The Best Of Al Wilson

Al Wilson
Styles: Soul
Catalogue Number: ACRCG700
The hugely successful US soul star Al Wilson has been largely ill served by the CD era despite enjoying a dozen or more R&B and Pop chart hits between 1968 and 1976. His recordings for the independent Rocky Road label are featured on this 20 track CD including the No 1 pop hit “Show And Tell”. With a style similar to the late O.C.Smith (who also enjoyed a hit with “La La Peace Song”) Wilson enjoyed much crossover popularity and continues to perform regularly at nightclubs and theatres across the USA. Fully illustrated booklet traces his career from its Doowop origins to the present day.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Batchelor Man Al Wilson
2 Born On The Bayou Al Wilson
3 Show And Tell Al Wilson
4 Listen To Me Al Wilson
5 Touch And Go Al Wilson
6 Settle Me Down Al Wilson
7 La La Peace Song Al Wilson
8 Keep On Lovin' You Al Wilson
9 I Won't Last A Day Without You / Let Me Be The One Al Wilson
10 Willoughby Brook Road Al Wilson
11 Amen Brother Al Wilson
12 Magic Of Your Mind Al Wilson
13 You Do The Right Things Al Wilson
14 I'm Out To Get You Al Wilson
15 Queen Of The Ghetto Al Wilson
16 Goin' Through The Motions Al Wilson
17 I'm A Weak Man Al Wilson
18 Longer We Stay Together Al Wilson
19 Passport Al Wilson
20 A Stones Throw Al Wilson
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