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West Coast R&B
West Coast R&B

The Marathons & Friends
Styles: R&B
Catalogue Number: ACMCD4024
This CD collects together vocal group recordings mainly in the Doo wop style from a number of groups active on America’s West Coast and recording for the Everest label or labels such as Arvee which were eventually purchased by Everest. The most important groups include The Marathons who enjoyed the huge hit record “Peanut Butter” and recorded many other novelty songs in a style reminiscent of The Coasters, included here is the entire content of their only LP release. The other group who enjoyed national fame are The Olympics who are represented by five tracks that were not originally released. The Robins were affiliated to The Coasters as the detailed booklet notes will explain. This a unique collection of mainly Los Angeles based groups which features tracks by The Robins, The Lexingtons, The Lions and The Danleers making their first legitimate appearance on CD.

1 Peanut Butter
2 Talkin' Trash
3 Tight Sweater
4 C.Percy Mercy Of Scotland Yard
5 Chicken Spaceman
6 You Bug Me Baby
7 High Blood Pressure
8 Oink Jones
9 Tutti Frutti
10 Nothing In The World
11 Gee
12 Just Like That
13 Whole Lot Of Imagination
14 Live Wire Suzie
15 Oh No
16 Big Chief Little Puss (alt take)
17 Shame Shame Shame
18 How Long Will It take
19 Bye Bye Baby
20 Ain't No Big Thing
21 I'm Looking Around
22 Foolish
23 No One
24 Chop Chop Hole In The Wall
25 I Found My Baby
26 When My Baby Went Away
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