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Ride Ranger Ride
Ride Ranger Ride

Roy Rogers
Styles: Country, Fabulous
Catalogue Number: fabcd106
“The King Of The Cowboys” as he was known during his 50’s heyday as America’s biggest children’s TV star had actually begun his career as a country singer in 1933 when he became a founding member of The pioneer Trio which became The Sons Of The Pioneers the following year. These recordings feature that group as well as Roy’s early solo performances. Most of these songs evoke the popular romantic images of the Old West in much the same way as his Hollywood movies.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 I'm An Old Cowhand Roy Rogers
2 You Waited Too Long Roy Rogers
3 Medley Of The Plains Roy Rogers
4 Time Changes Everything Roy Rogers
5 The Hills Of Old Wyomin' Roy Rogers
6 Hold That Critter Down Roy Rogers
7 Hadie Brown Roy Rogers
8 Don't Waste Your Love On Me Roy Rogers
9 My Chickasay Girl Roy Rogers
10 Chapel In The Valley Roy Rogers
11 The Pioneer Mother Of Mine Roy Rogers
12 Ride Ranger Ride Roy Rogers
13 Listen To The Rhythm Of The Range Roy Rogers
14 Cowboy Night Herd Song Roy Rogers
15 Blue Shadows On The Trails Roy Rogers
16 Rock Me To Sleep In My Saddle Roy Rogers
17 Moonlight In The Prairie Roy Rogers
18 On The Old Spanish Trail Roy Rogers
19 Don't Fence Me In Roy Rogers
20 There's A Roundup In The Sky Roy Rogers
21 Hi Ho Silver Roy Rogers
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