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We'll Never Say Goodbye
We'll Never Say Goodbye

Hank Snow
Styles: Country, Fabulous
Catalogue Number: FABCD126
The late Hank Snow was one of Country's most popular and prolific recordings stars. His hitmaking career began in the late 40's and lasted until the 80's. Canadian by birth he began his career in that country on radio before being signed to the Canadian Bluebird label in 1937. These formative 30's recordings are collected here for the first time. Despite the geography these are prime examples of the roots of the Nashville sound. Tracks include; "Polka Dot Blues", "Blue For Hawaii", "I'm Sending You Red Roses", "My San Antonio Rose", "Someday You'll Care".

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 My San Antonio Mama Hank Snow
2 The Hobo's Last Ride Hank Snow
3 Lonesome Blue Yodel Hank Snow
4 The Blue Velvet Hank Snow
5 Blue For Hawaii Hank Snow
6 Was There Ever A Pal Like You Hank Snow
7 My Little Swiss Maiden Hank Snow
8 We Met In The Hills Of Old Wyoming Hank Snow
9 Someday You'll Come Hank Snow
10 The Texas Cowboy Hank Snow
11 Bluer Than Blue Hank Snow
12 I'll Ride Back To Lonesome Valley Hank Snow
13 Answer The Blue Velvet Band Hank Snow
14 Wandering On Hank Snow
15 The Broken Wedding Ring Hank Snow
16 Polka Dot Blues Hank Snow
17 Goodnight Little Buckaroo Hank Snow
18 The Galveston Rose Hank Snow
19 Dream Tide Hank Snow
20 I'm Sending You Red Roses Hank Snow
21 The Rainbow's End Hank Snow
22 We'll Never Say Goodbye Hank Snow
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