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Master Of The Flute
Master Of The Flute

Jean-Pierre Rampal
Styles: Classical, Fabulous
Catalogue Number: FABCD199
Generally considered to be one the greatest classical flautists, Jean Pierre Rampal was born in Marseilles on January 7th 1922 and died on May 20th 2000 at the age of 78. He studied in Marseilles and later at the Paris Conservatoire where he also taught in later years. He enjoyed a long concert career beginning in 1947 and was also solo flautist at the Paris Opera between 1956 and 1962. He played with most of the world’s leading Orchestras both as a soloist and as a conductor in all the greatest concert halls. His technique was such that he was almost single-handedly credited with creating an international market for flute music not seen since the 18th Century.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Variations On A Theme By Rossini Jean-Pierre Rampal
2 Three Romances Op,94: I Andantino, II Simply, with espression, I Jean-Pierre Rampal
3 Introduction And Variations On A Theme From Die Schoene Muelleri Jean-Pierre Rampal
4 Sonata For Flute And Harpsicord: I Adagio, II Allegro, III Vivac Jean-Pierre Rampal
5 Sonata in E major for Two Flutes Jean-Pierre Rampal
6 Sonata in G major for Recorder and Flute Jean-Pierre Rampal
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