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Arvee Singles Plus
Arvee Singles Plus

The Olympics
Styles: Rock 'n' roll
Catalogue Number: ACMCD4055
The Coasters may wear the crown when it comes to mixing comedy with rock ‘n’ roll, but they weren’t the first group to include an element of social satire in their recordings. Another West Coast group takes that prize, The Olympics. Collected here are all their singles for the Arvee label plus all their LP only tracks. The Olympics didn’t go on to reach the heights or legendary status that The Coasters did, but their recording career lasted over a decade during which time they released, re-recorded and released again a slew of records that are still sought out today by rock ‘n’ roll and soul collectors. Mid way through 1959 the group hooked up with Richard Vaughan’s Arvee label and debuted with “Private Eye” c/w “(Baby) Hully Gully)” but the record was a slow starter. The next release was “Big Boy Pete” c/w “The Slop” and although ”The Slop” had been originally intended as the A side, Dee-jays preferred the group’s remake of Don & Dewey’s “Big Boy Pete” enabling it to have a three month chart life making a very credible # 10 on Billboard’s R & B charts. The group’s next single fared better on Billboard’s pop chart but failed to make any headway in R & B circles. It also gave them an albeit fleeting, appearance on the UK charts. “Shimmy Like Kate” (Arvee 5006/Vogue Pop V 9174) was a re-working of a song from the 1920s and made # 42 in the U.S. and # 40 here. This CD contains two Olympics titles that have not appeared on CD before, “Baby It’s Hot” and “What’d I Say Pt 2” and unlike other reissues has been anthologized by single releases.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 (Baby) Hully Gully The Olympics
2 Private Eye The Olympics
3 Big Boy Pete The Olympics
4 The Slop The Olympics
5 I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate The Olympics
6 Workin' Hard The Olympics
7 Dance By The Light Of The Moon The Olympics
8 Dodge City The Olympics
9 Little Pedro The Olympics
10 Dooley The Olympics
11 Stay Where You Are The Olympics
12 Mash Them 'Taters The Olympics
13 The Stomp The Olympics
14 Everybody Likes To Cha Cha Cha The Olympics
15 The Twist The Olympics
16 Baby It's Hot The Olympics
17 The Scotch The Olympics
18 What'd I Say The Olympics
19 Boo Dee Green The Olympics
20 Stay Away From Joe The Olympics
21 Big Chief Little Puss The Olympics
22 I'll Never Fall In Love The Olympics
23 Hoochie Coochie Coo The Olympics
24 Pony Time The Olympics
25 Party Pooper The Olympics
26 Madison Time The Olympics
27 Save The Last Dance For Me The Olympics
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