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Morris Lane -Tenor Saxman
Morris Lane -Tenor Saxman

Morris Lane
Styles: R&B
Catalogue Number: ACMCD4201
This is the First ever CD to present the work of the legendary Tenor saxophonist, Morris Lane, known during his solo career as “The Tenor Saxsation”. At Acrobat we pride ourselves in finding albums that, although rare, are nonethe less in demand, and since there is no other, or at least that we can find, product out there this fits the category of rare, wonderful but in demand that we so favour. Many jazz aficionados remember Lane because he was briefly an alumnus of the school for precocious jazz talent that was the Lionel Hampton Orchestra, occupying the star tenor saxophonist seat previously filled by Illinois Jacquet and Arnett Cobb. He also played with the Earl Hines Orchestra and additionally pursued a solo career, at the height of the honking sax craze, in R&B. His solo recordings for the Savoy, Coral, Sunrise and Apollo labels are included in this album which features fantastic recordings taken from all stages of his career. The notes contain a full detailed history of Morris Lane written by the world renowned R&B expert Dave Penny. This is a real treat and a rarity to boot and it fills an important gap in the market.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Re-Bop's Turning Blue
2 Cherokee
3 Blowin' For Kicks
4 Morris' Lane
5 You Go To My Head
6 Bow-Legged Woman
7 Spooky Boogie
8 No Good Woman
9 Turntable
10 September Song
11 Big Trees
12 After Hours Bounce
13 Ghost Town
14 Bobby's Boogie
15 Luke The Spook
16 Down The Lane
17 Blue Jeans
18 B O Plenty's Return
19 Midnight Sun
20 Pale Moon (An Indian Love Song)
21 I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire
22 It Ain't Necessarily So
23 Poinciana
24 Twilight Time
25 Everything I have Is Yours
26 Blues In The Night
27 In The Attic
28 Spaceship
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