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The Collection

The Bells Of Joy
Styles: Gospel
Catalogue Number: ACMCD4207
You may have become aware of the increase in interest in American Black Gospel from the various television programmes that are making much of the influence the music had on R&B, Soul and even Rock ‘n’ Roll. In fact, both Ray Charles and Sam Cooke both featured in the first two BBC Television Soul Music series and much was made of the influence of Gospel music on both of them. In fact the early Ray Charles songs came directly from the genre and it was at great risk to his career that Sam Cooke confessed live on television that far from being a new artist, by the time he was having hits on the white charts and was adored by a white audience, he was in fact a very well established Gospel star. This album showcases Gospel music in the 40s and early 50’s and features one of the great quartets of them all…. The Bells of Joy. The group enjoyed great standing on the Gospel circuits of America but without the commercial success of some of their contemporaries, indeed it was not until 1980s and a reissue of this material in Japan that they became acknowledged as one of the most exciting Gospel groups of all time. Once again, this is a CD first from Acrobat because the final eight tracks on the package have only previously been issued on their debut on vinyl in Japan. The booklet is fully illustrated and annotated by vintage Gospel expert, Opal Louis Nations.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 I'll Work Lord The Bells Of Joy
2 Let's Talk About Jesus The Bells Of Joy
3 He's My Friend The Bells Of Joy
4 Stop Right Now It's Praying Time The Bells Of Joy
5 Echoes From Heaven The Bells Of Joy
6 Leak In This Old Building The Bells Of Joy
7 How Sweet It Is The Bells Of Joy
8 I'm Gonna Press On The Bells Of Joy
9 Never Let It Be Too Late The Bells Of Joy
10 Well Well No No No The Bells Of Joy
11 It Will Soon Be Over The Bells Of Joy
12 Since Jesus Changed This Heart Of Mine The Bells Of Joy
13 Do Lord Remember Me The Bells Of Joy
14 Every Day And Every Hour The Bells Of Joy
15 Fare Ye Well The Bells Of Joy
16 Glory Be To God The Bells Of Joy
17 No More Sorrow The Bells Of Joy
18 The Lord And I The Bells Of Joy
19 There's A Hand Leading Me The Bells Of Joy
20 When My Savior Comes The Bells Of Joy
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