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Jukebox Hits 1951 - 1955
Jukebox Hits 1951 - 1955

The Clovers
Styles: Doo Wop, Jukebox Hits, R&B
Catalogue Number: ACMCD4224
The latest entry in Acrobat’s continuing series of packages that look at the biggest stars of the 1940s and 1950s American Juke Box Rhythm & Blues chart features The Clovers. The Clovers were one of the most important acts in the early days of Atlantic Records, helping significantly to establish the label, and they were the most successful R&B vocal group of the era with 21 charted records. All of their chart hits are featured including the original hit version of “Blue Velvet” and the classic rocker,” Your Cash Ain’t Nothing But Trash”, famously covered by The Steve Miller Band.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Don't You Know I Love You The Clovers
2 Fool Fool Fool The Clovers
3 One Mint Julep The Clovers
4 Middle Of the Night The Clovers
5 Ting A Ling The Clovers
6 Wonder Where My baby's Gone The Clovers
7 Hey Miss Fannie The Clovers
8 I Played The Fool The Clovers
9 Crawlin' The Clovers
10 Good Lovin' The Clovers
11 Comin' On The Clovers
12 Lovey Dovey The Clovers
13 Little Mama The Clovers
14 Your Cash Ain't Nothing But Trash The Clovers
15 I Got My Eyes On You The Clovers
16 Blue Velvet The Clovers
17 Love Bug The Clovers
18 Nip Sip The Clovers
19 Devil Or Angel The Clovers
20 Hey Doll Baby The Clovers
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