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The Golden Years
The Golden Years

Gracie Fields
Styles: Easy Listening
Catalogue Number: ACMCD4364
This is a re-issue of an LP which represents something of a landmark recording – it was the last studio album recorded by the extraordinary Gracie Fields, doyenne of the British and international entertainment landscape for over half a century. The LP was recorded and released in 1975, just four years before Gracie died at the age of 81. It was made by Warwick Records, and was advertised on TV at the time, but has never appeared on CD, and is much in demand among collectors and Gracie’s still abundant legion of fans, and Acrobat is delighted to make it available for everyone to enjoy. Produced by the celebrated Norman Newell, it features Gracie re-visiting some of her own best-known hits, as well as performing other favourites of hers which she had not previously recorded. Her unique voice and delivery are as distinctive as ever, and it was a fitting way for her to round off her illustrious recording career. The booklet includes the sleeve notes and photos from the inner spread of the original LP release.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Sally Gracie Fields
2 Young At Heart Gracie Fields
3 The Punch and Judy Show Gracie Fields
4 Speak Softly Love Gracie Fields
5 The Biggest Aspidistra in the World Gracie Fields
6 The Woodpecker Song Gracie Fields
7 Christopher Robin Is Saying His Prayers Gracie Fields
8 On a Clear Day Gracie Fields
9 Only a Glass of Champagne Gracie Fields
10 Pedro the Fisherman Gracie Fields
11 I Love the Moon Gracie Fields
12 Three Green Bonnets Gracie Fields
13 The Ugly Duckling Gracie Fields
14 The Trek Song Gracie Fields
15 What's the Good of a Birthday? Gracie Fields
16 Count Your Blessings Gracie Fields
17 Fonso My Hot Spanish Knight Gracie Fields
18 Never, Never Again Gracie Fields
19 I'll See You Again Gracie Fields
20 Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye Gracie Fields
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