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The Al Bowlly Collection 1927-40
The Al Bowlly Collection 1927-40

Al Bowlly
Styles: Easy Listening
Catalogue Number: ACQCD7067
Al Bowlly was one of the first British artists who could seriously be called a pop idol – he was a crooner in the heyday of the dance band era of the ‘30s, whose effortless romantic vocals made him a true superstar of his era. In a career spanning less than 15 years before he was killed in a London air raid in 1941, he made almost 1000 recordings, and made the successful shift in the mid-‘30s to conquer the US market as well. There is still an enormous amount of interest in Bowlly’s work among nostalgia buffs of all ages, fuelled by TV documentaries. This terrific value 100-track 4-CD anthology brings not only some of his biggest hits but also some of his lesser-known material than has not been over-represented on previous collections, and will be an excellent medium for those discovering his work for the first time to achieve an entertaining overview of his matchless style and talent, and covering his recording career, from his first recordings in 1927 to one made a couple of weeks before his death in April 1941.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 I’m Coming, Virginia Al Bowlly With Arthur Brigg's Savoy Synchopators Orchestra
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