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The Complete US Country Hits 1949-62
The Complete US Country Hits 1949-62

Hank Snow
Styles: Country
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3113
Hank Snow was one of the most successful and influential country stars in the history of the genre, racking up over 80 hits in a career that spanned half a century. He endured a harsh early life in his native Canada, pursuing his dream of becoming a star like his idol Roy Rogers. This 48-track 2-CD set covers the most important era of his hit-making career, and comprises every A and B side which made the country charts from his chart debut in 1949 through to 1962, all on RCA, and includes 39 of the 43 Top 10 hits he had during his career, including five memorable and iconic No. 1s with the self-penned “I’m Movin’ On” and “The Golden Rocket”, as well as “The Rhumba Boogie”, “I Don’t Hurt Anymore”, “Let Me Go Lover” and “I’ve Been Everywhere”, the 1962 biggie which concludes the set. It’s a fine overview of his most successful recordings, which makes not only for entertaining listening but gives a real insight into his unique talent.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Marriage Vow Hank Snow
2 I'm Moving On Hank Snow
3 The Golden Rocket Hank Snow
4 The Rhumba Boogie Hank Snow
5 Down The Trail Of Achin' Hearts  Hank Snow with Anita Carter
6 Bluebird Island  Hank Snow with Anita Carter
7 Unwanted Sign Upon Your Heart Hank Snow
8 Music Makin' Mama From Memphis Hank Snow
9 The Gold Rush Is Over Hank Snow
10 Lady's Man Hank Snow
11 Married By The Bible, Divorced By The Law Hank Snow
12 I Went To Your Wedding Hank Snow
13 (Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I Hank Snow
14 The Gal Who Invented Kissin' Hank Snow
15 Honeymoon On A Rocket Ship Hank Snow
16 Spanish Fireball Hank Snow
17 For Now And Always Hank Snow
18 When Mexican Joe Met Jole Brown Hank Snow
19 I Don't Hurt Anymore Hank Snow
20 That Crazy Mambo Thing Hank Snow
21 The Next Voice You Hear Hank Snow
22 Let Me Go, Lover! Hank Snow
23 Silver Bell  Chet Atkins & Hank Snow
24 Yellow Roses Hank Snow
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Would You Mind? Hank Snow
2 Cryin', Prayin', Waitin', Hopin' Hank Snow
3 I'm Glad I Got To See You Once Again Hank Snow
4 Born To Be Happy Hank Snow
5 Mainliner (The Hawk With Silver Wings) Hank Snow
6 These Hands Hank Snow
7 I'm Moving In Hank Snow
8 Conscience I'm Guilty Hank Snow
9 Hula Rock Hank Snow
10 Stolen Moments Hank Snow
11 Tangled Mind Hank Snow
12 My Arms Are A House Hank Snow
13 Whispering Rain Hank Snow
14 Big Wheels Hank Snow
15 A Woman Captured Me Hank Snow
16 Doggone That Train Hank Snow
17 Chasin' A Rainbow Hank Snow
18 The Last Ride Hank Snow
19 Rockin', Rollin' Ocean Hank Snow
20 Miller's Cave Hank Snow
21 Beggar To A King Hank Snow
22 The Restless One Hank Snow
23 You Take The Future (And I'll Take The Past) Hank Snow
24 I've Been Everywhere Hank Snow
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