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The Consolers Collection 1952-62
The Consolers Collection 1952-62

The Consolers
Styles: Gospel
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3119
Acrobat has a significant catalogue of gospel collections by many of the leading quartets of the classic era in the immediate post-war decades, and this release adds a further dimension to that repertoire with the highly-regarded Miami-based husband and wife duo of Sullivan and Iola Pugh, who performed as The Consolers, enjoying a career together which lasted over half a century. This 37-track 2-CD set collection comprises all the records they made in the first decade of their career, first as Members of the Miami Soul Stirrers on the Glory label, then as the Spiritual Consolers on DeLuxe, and then as The Consolers on the Nashboro label. Their distinctive country blues flavoured style was raw and impassioned, heightened by Sullivan’s unusual flat-top guitar technique, and their unique approach built them a significant following during those first ten years, and many gospel fans cite them as among their favourite exponents of the genre. The collection includes comprehensive booklet notes by researcher and author Frederic Adrian, along with a contribution by noted contemporary US R&B star Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed, himself a knowledgeable commentator on the genre’s musical heritage, and who is an enthusiastic Consolers aficionado.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 My Soul Can't Rest Contented Miami Soul Stirrers
2 Jesus Precious King Miami Soul Stirrers
3 For Ever And Ever Miami Soul Stirrers
4 Fix Me Jesus Miami Soul Stirrers
5 Wade In The Water The Spiritual Consolers
6 How Long Has It Been Since You’ve Been Home The Spiritual Consolers
7 Nobody Knows The Consolers
8 Give Me My Flowers The Consolers
9 I Cried To The Lord The Consolers
10 I’m Gonna Use Just What I Got The Consolers
11 Let Jesus Come In The Consolers
12 I Remember The Bridge The Consolers
13 Revival Time The Consolers
14 When Others Fail The Consolers
15 I Shall Not Want The Consolers
16 Glad To Be In The Number The Consolers
17 It May Be The Last Time The Consolers
18 God Will Take Care The Consolers
19 Help Me To Understand The Consolers
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Every Christian Mother The Consolers
2 Another Days’ Journey The Consolers
3 Some Sweet Day After A While The Consolers
4 Never Could Have Made It Pt1 The Consolers
5 Never Could Have Made It Pt2 The Consolers
6 By The Help Of The Lord The Consolers
7 Almighty God The Consolers
8 I Know What It Means The Consolers
9 After The Clouds Roll Away The Consolers
10 Goin’ Across The River The Consolers
11 Glory Land The Consolers
12 Waiting At The River The Consolers
13 Say A Prayer For Me The Consolers
14 Over Yonder The Consolers
15 God Makes No Mistakes The Consolers
16 How Long Has It Been Since You’ve Been Home The Consolers
17 Long Long Journey The Consolers
18 My Soul's Salvation The Consolers
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