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The 1958 British Hit Parade: The B Sides Part 1
The 1958 British Hit Parade: The B Sides Part 1

Various Artists
Styles: British Hit Parades, Pop
Catalogue Number: ACQCD7081

Acrobat Music’s series of British Hit Parade collections has become an essential annual purchase for a significant number of collectors and enthusiasts who wish to hear and own every record that entered the British record charts during each year. In the last three years, we have presented parallel collections to the main British Hit Parade releases for 1959, ‘60, ’61 and ’62 comprising the ‘B’ sides of all the tracks that appear in the main set. The experiment has proved successful, and many collectors have asked us to work backwards through the years to provide similar sets for other years.

This is the next in the series. Part One includes the original ‘B’ sides of every record that entered the charts between 1st January and 30th June in chronological order of chart entry, mirroring the tracks on Part One of the main 1958 British Hit Parade collection. The only exceptions are where the original hit was a double ‘A’ side, where both sides charted, as a result of which both of the tracks appear in the main Hit Parade collection. It also includes the tracks from Side 2 of EPs which charted.

The story of how ‘B’ sides come to be what they are is a fascinating one and varies greatly from record to record. Some featured songs that were written by either the producer, the artist’s manager or someone else with sufficient influence to ensure that if the ‘A’ side were a hit, they would collect 50% of the publishing income from the sales. Others were, of course, complete throwaways, dashed off in the last 10 minutes of a session purely as make-weights. In contrast, some started life as the intended ‘A’ side, only to be overshadowed as promotion people or radio DJs spotted the potential of the ‘B’ side. The fascination is that, in most cases, with the passage of time, we will never know the true story, and the tracks will simply stand to be judged on their merits or otherwise.

Whatever the case, they will very often provide collectors with a piece of the artist’s work that they have never heard before, and the majority, we suspect, will never have been available on CD before.

The sets as always include our substantial booklets comprising about 10,000 words with commentary on the tracks. We are sure that many purchasers of the main sets will be keen to acquire the ‘B’ sides to ensure the completeness of their collection.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 The Midnight Man Bill Justis And His Orchestra
2 You Got A Heart Like A Rock Charlie Gracie
3 Good Golly The Johnny Otis Show
4 Keep Your Heart Michael Holliday
5 How Do You Think I Feel Elvis Presley
6 Sometimes (When I'm All Alone) Danny And The Juniors
7 Summertime Sam Cooke
8 Put A Light In The Window Gary Miller
9 You Bug Me Baby Larry Williams
10 Make The Man Love Me Marion Ryan
11 Treat Me Nice Elvis Presley
12 I'll Buy You A Star Dave King
13 Until They Sail Eydie Gorme
14 Miss Otis Regrets (She's Unable To Lunch Today) The King Brothers
15 When I Stop Loving You (That'll Be The Day) Paul Anka
16 Love Is Alma Cogan
17 I Ain't Been Right Since You Left The Four Esquires
18 I Want To Be Free Elvis Presley
19 Don't Leave Me Now Elvis Presley
20 Baby I Don't Care Elvis Presley
21 Young And Beautiful Elvis Presley
22 Never Say Goodbye Eddie Calvert (The Man With The Golden Trumpet)
23 Penny Loafers And Booby Sox The Southlanders
24 Mojo Ken Mackintosh and his Orchestra
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Tell Her You Love Her Frank Sinatra
2 Banana Split The McGuire Sisters
3 My One True Love David Whitfield
4 Beep! Beep! Louis Prima
5 Waitin' In School Ricky Nelson
6 One Blade Of Grass (In A Meadow) Ronnie Hilton
7 Getting' Ready For Freddie Alma Cogan
8 The Magic Song Bobby Helms
9 I Do Nick Todd
10 Sail Along Silvery Moon Billy Vaughn And His Orchestra
11 The Little Blue Man Petula Clark
12 Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey Little Richard
13 Don't Save Your Love (For A Rainy Day) Tony Brent
14 Neon Sign Tommy Steele & The Steelmen
15 Even Tho' George Hamilton IV
16 Baby Don't Go Marvin Rainwater
17 Raunchy Ted Heath And His Music
18 Rooney Michael Holliday
19 I'm Gonne Love You Too Buddy Holly
Disk 3:
Track Title Artist
1 Come Back To Me Jackie Wilson
2 Yorumba Highlife Edric Connor
3 Teel Me How The Crickets
4 You're The Greatest Jackie Dennis
5 My Loving Arms Malcolm Vaughan
6 The Long Hot Summer Jimmie Rodgers
7 I Want You To Know Fats Domino
8 Hambourg Bound Moe Koffman Quartette
9 Train To Nowhere The Champs
10 You Were Only Fooling (While I was Falling In Love) Connie Francis
11 Down The Line Jerry Lee Lewis
12 Little Serenade (Picoolissinaserenata) Ted Heath & His Music
13 Love Walked In Ronnie Hilton
14 Come-A-Back-A Chordettes
15 Reelin' And Rockin' Chuck Berry
16 Ry-Ry Elias And His Zig Zag Jive Flutes
17 Someone Robert Earl
18 Young Dove's Calling The Mudlarks
19 Don'cha Think it's Time Elvis Presley
Disk 4:
Track Title Artist
1 Dance Only With Me Perry Como
2 Ooh La La Frankie Avalon
3 Arrivederci Roma (Goodbye To Rome) Vic Damone
4 So Many Women Frankie Vaughan
5 May I? Michael Holliday
6 Out Of My Mind The Platters
7 Afraid David Whitfield
8 Lover, Lover Terry Dene
9 Don't Whistle At Me David Seville and His Orchestra
10 Midnight Sun Ella Fitzgerald
11 Round And Around Chuck Berry
12 Easy To Love Johnny Mathis
13 Cool Baby Cool Don Lang and his Frantic Five
14 Let The Bells Keep Ringing Paul Anka
15 Prayer For Peace Perry Como
16 What We Do In The Army Michael Medwin, Alfie Bass, Bernard Bresslaw & Leslie Fyson
17 Two Fools In Love Marvin Rainwater introducing His Sister Patty
18 Yea, Yea The Mudlarks
19 Forgetting You Dean Martin
20 Teacher's Pet Doris Day
21 Stop, Baby Four Preps
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