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The Complete Releases 1955-57
The Complete Releases 1955-57

The Cadets & The Jacks
Styles: Doo Wop, R&B
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3132
This is a welcome addition to Acrobat’s already extensive catalogue of ‘50s doowop and R&B vocal group recordings, featuring an ensemble that simultaneously wore two different recording hats, recording both as The Cadets and The Jacks. They were signed to the Modern label, owned by the Bihari brothers, who saw the potential of the group to fulfil two different functions, recording new original material as The Cadets for the Modern imprint, while also recording quick-fire cover versions of other artists’ R&B releases as The Jacks for their subsidiary label RPM. This great-value 52-track collection comprises every record they released in both of these guises in their relatively short, but very busy, recording career from their debut in 1955 through to 1957, when the Modern label ran into financial trouble and ceased operating, and the artists moved on to other things. With the customary range of vocal styles within the initial 5-piece line-up of Aaron Collins, Willie Davis, Austin ‘Ted’ Taylor, Lloyd McCraw and Will ‘Dub’ Jones, the group featured several different lead vocalists, making them highly versatile and able to handle a variety of repertoire with ease, making this a musically very interesting and entertaining collection. It’s a must for any doowop fan, representing a definitive overview of the career of these two groups, and including bonus tracks in the form of their recordings backing up other artists on their labels, including Donna Hightower Young Jessie and Richard Berry.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Don't Be Angry The Cadets
2 I Cry The Cadets
3 Why Don't You Write Me? The Jacks
4 Smack Dab In The Middle The Jacks
5 Rollin' Stone The Cadets
6 Fine Lookin' Baby The Cadets
7 God Gave Me You Richard Berry with the Cadets
8 Don't Cha Go Richard Berry with the Cadets
9 I'm Confessin' The Jacks
10 Since My Baby's Been Gone The Jacks
11 Mary Lou Young Jessie with The Cadets
12 Don't Think I Will Young Jessie with The Cadets
13 Love Me Again Donna Hightower with the Jacks
14 Dog Gone It Donna Hightower with the Jacks
15 My Darling The Jacks
16 Jelly Roll Richard Berry & Dreamers
17 Together Richard Berry & Dreamers
18 Bob-O-Link Donna Hightower with the Jacks
19 Since You Donna Hightower with the Jacks
20 So Will I The Cadets
21 Annie Met Henry The Cadets
22 This Empty Heart The Jacks
23 My Clumsy Heart The Jacks
24 If It Is Wrong The Cadets
25 Do You Wanna Rock The Cadets
26 So Wrong The Jacks
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 How Soon The Jacks
2 Church Bells May Ring The Cadets
3 Heartbreak Hotel The Cadets
4 Why Did I Fall In Love The Jacks
5 Sugar Baby The Jacks
6 Stranded In The Jungle The Cadets
7 I Want You The Cadets
8 Let's Make Up The Jacks
9 Dream A Little Longer The Jacks
10 Dancin' Dan The Cadets
11 I Got Loaded The Cadets
12 I'll Be Spinning The Cadets
13 Fools Rush In The Cadets
14 Heaven Help Me The Cadets
15 Love Bandit The Cadets
16 You Belong To Me The Cadets
17 Wiggie Waggie Woo The Cadets
18 Pretty Evey Aaron Collins & Cadets
19 Rum Jamaica Rum Aaron Collins & Cadets
20 Hands Across The Table The Cadets
21 Love Can Do Most Everything The Cadets
22 Ring Chimes The Cadets
23 Baby Ya Know The Cadets
24 Let's Rock And Roll The Cadets
25 Away The Jacks
26 Memories Of You Prentice Moreland & The Cadets
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