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New Trapeze Music web site to replace this long-established Acrobat Music site

New Trapeze Music web site to replace this long-established Acrobat Music site

This existing web site has now been in existence in this form for over 13 years, and although it has served us well, the technology behind it is now very out-dated and rather clunky to operate . In addition Trapeze Music & Entertainment Ltd. has grown significantly as a company and expanded its scope so that we now handle all our manufacturing and distribution in-house.

The most significant short-coming of this existing site has been that it does not have a built-in e-commerce facility so that customers can buy our product direct from the site, and so have to go to other sites like Amazon to make their purchase.

We have now built a brand-new site parallel to this one, with the address of, which carries all the product currently featured here, along with product from partner labels whose product we distribute, and which has a shop facility enabling you to buy direct, with a guarantee that the product will be in stock.

The new site naturally uses more up-to-date technology, and should be a bit more flexible for you to navigate around. As time goes on, we will gradually migrate all our activity onto the new site and this site will eventually be withdrawn, although we naturally want to allow time for everyone to get used to the idea of a new web site. We encourage to start using the new site so you can get used to the new look and feel.

We hope the existence of will enable us to maintain and improve the important relationship we have always enjoyed with our customers.


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