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Trapeze, Acrobat and Fabulous label products are available from most record retail outlets in the UK. All UK retailers who deal with our distributor Discovery Records can order our products for you from them. They also available from the following major UK-based on-line retailers:

Discovery Records (our UK distributor):

Amazon :

HMV Direct :

Our products are available from record retail outlets in territories where we have a distributor  - see below for list of those territories. Alternatively, can supply consumers around the world on a mail order basis (relevant despatch costs will apply). 

Our products are readily available for digital download from retail sites around the world.

We will naturally be taking every possible opportunity to get our product stocked in retail outlets throughout the world - if you have trouble finding what you want through any of these avenues, e-mail us direct at and we will try to ensure you can get what you are looking for. 

Acrobat has an exclusive download distribution deal for download with The Orchard. If you wish to be supplied with Acrobat product, please contact The Orchard via their website


The Trapeze/Acrobat/Fabulous catalogue is distributed in the UK by Discovery Records. Dealers who have an account with Discovery  should order direct from them. If you have difficulty ordering Acrobat products, please contact Trapeze on 0208 429 0874 or Discovery on 01380 728000 .

Acrobat has established physical distribution arrangements in a number major territories and is actively seeking to put deals in place for other markets. We have distributors in the following markets:

USA & Canada 

MVD Entertainment Group, 203 Windsor Road, Pottstown, PA19464, USA

Germany, Austria & Switzerland

Membran Media Gmbh, Airport Center, Langenhorner Chaussee 44a, 22335 Hamburg, Germany


Socadisc, BP2, Rue Pasteur, 91790, Boissy SS/ST YON, France


Bertus Groothandel & Distributie, Akelribaan 59, Capelle Aan Den Ijessel, 2908 KA, Netherlands 


Border Music Distribution, Gamlestadsvagen 1, 415 02 Goteborg, Sweden


Karonte Distibuciones, Avda Alfonso XIII, Madrid 28016, Spain 

If you are located in one of these territories, please contact the local distributor direct. If you located elsewhere, and are interested in being supplied with Acrobat CDs, please e-mail  John Cooper at  and we will put you in touch with an appropriate supplier, or alternatively will try to make arrangements to supply you direct.





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