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The Best Of The Mustangs
The Best Of The Mustangs

The Mustangs
Styles: Blues, Rock
Catalogue Number: TRACD6516
The Mustangs are one of the most popular blues-rock bands on the British circuit, and have built up a significant following in the decade and more which they have been together, when they have become one of the must-have bands for any self-respecting blues festival. During that time they have also released seven studio albums, all comprising their own original material. This 18-track collection is a compilation of recordings selected from across that body of work, showcasing their distinctive brand of hard-driving and highly accessible blues-inspired rock, with the voice and guitar of Adam Norsworthy and harmonica of Derek Kingaby underpinned by Ben McKeown on bass and Jon Bartley on drums. For those discovering The Mustangs for the first time, it’s a fine introduction to their music.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Double Headed Romeo   The Mustangs
2 Empty Bottle          The Mustangs
3 Can't Find A Lover     The Mustangs
4 Over Too Soon     The Mustangs
5 What Are You Trying To Say   The Mustangs
6 Nothing Stays The Same   The Mustangs
7 Put Your Money On Me   The Mustangs
8 Honey Rock     The Mustangs
9 Precious Time   The Mustangs
10 The Line     The Mustangs
11 Find Your Love     The Mustangs
12 Highwire     The Mustangs
13 Payback   The Mustangs
14 When God Met The Devil   The Mustangs
15 Too Late For Changing   The Mustangs
16 Yours Sincerely   The Mustangs
17 I 'Ll Meet You Anytime   The Mustangs
18 In Need Of You   The Mustangs
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