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Before The Cool - The Miles Davis Collection 1945-48
Before The Cool - The Miles Davis Collection 1945-48

Miles Davis
Styles: Jazz
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3363
Trumpeter Miles Davis was without doubt one of the most important and influential jazz musicians of the post-war era, not only as a pioneer of the bebop movement but through being at the forefront of many stylistic and musical innovations over the years. His landmark debut album for Capitol “The Birth Of The Cool”, recorded during 1949 and 1950, became regarded as seminal in the history of cool jazz, exploring unusual harmonies and textures. This excellent-value 49-track 2-CD set comprises his studio recordings in small ensembles, in which he is the only trumpeter, from his studio debut in 1945 through to the end of 1948, just weeks before the first of the “Birth Of The Cool” sessions in January 1949. As a bonus, it concludes with a ‘live’ recording with Charlie Parker’s All Stars in December 1948. It features performances with Charlie Parker's Reeboppers, the Charlie Parker Septet, Charlie Parker All Stars, Coleman Hawkins All Stars, Miles Davis All Stars, Charlie Parker Quintet & Charlie Parker Sextet from eleven different recording sessions during these years . Charlie Parker was his primary collaborator on these sessions, but among the musicians featured in the various line-ups were Dizzy Gillespie, Bud Powell, Kai Winding, Coleman Hawkins, Lucky Thompson, Hank Jones, John Lewis, Max Roach, J.J. Johnson, Al Haig, Curly Russell and others. It’s a fascinating insight into the development of his music during these key formative years.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Billie's Bounce Charlie Parker's Ree-boppers
2 Now's The Time Charlie Parker's Ree-boppers
3 Thriving From A Riff [Anthropology] The Be-Bop Boys
4 Moose The Mooche Charlie Parker Septet 
5 Yardbird Suite Charlie Parker Septet 
6 Ornithology Charlie Parker Septet 
7 A Night In Tunisia Charlie Parker Septet 
8 Donna Lee Charlie Parker All Stars
9 Chasin' The Bird Charlie Parker All Stars
10 Cheryl Charlie Parker All Stars
11 Buzzy Charlie Parker All Stars
12 Bean-A-Re-Bop Coleman Hawkins All Stars
13 Isn't It Romantic ? Coleman Hawkins All Stars
14 The Way You Look Tonight Coleman Hawkins All Stars
15 Phantomesque Coleman Hawkins All Stars
16 Milestones Miles Davis All Stars 
17 Little Willie Leaps Miles Davis All Stars 
18 Half Nelson Miles Davis All Stars 
19 Sippin' At Bell's Miles Davis All Stars 
20 Dexterity Charlie Parker Quintet
21 Bongo Bop Charlie Parker Quintet
22 Dewey Square [Prezology] Charlie Parker Quintet
23 The Hymn Charlie Parker Quintet
24 Bird Of Paradise Charlie Parker Quintet
25 Embraceable You Charlie Parker Quintet
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Bird Feathers [Schnourphology] Charlie Parker Quintet
2 Klactoveesedstene Charlie Parker Quintet
3 Scrapple From The Apple Charlie Parker Quintet
4 My Old Flame Charlie Parker Quintet
5 Out Of Nowhere Charlie Parker Quintet
6 Don't Blame Me Charlie Parker Quintet
7 Drifting On A Reed Charlie Parker Sextet
8 Quasimodo Charlie Parker Sextet
9 Charlie's Wig Charlie Parker Sextet
10 Bird Feathers [Bongo Beep] Charlie Parker Sextet
11 Crazeology Charlie Parker Sextet
12 How Deep Is The Ocean? Charlie Parker Sextet
13 Another Hair-Do Charlie Parker All Stars
14 Bluebird Charlie Parker All Stars
15 Klaunstance Charlie Parker All Stars
16 Bird Gets The Worm Charlie Parker All Stars
17 Barbados Charlie Parker All Stars
18 Ah-Leu-Cha Charlie Parker All Stars
19 Constellation Charlie Parker All Stars
20 Perhaps Charlie Parker All Stars
21 Marmaduke Charlie Parker All Stars
22 Steeplechase Charlie Parker All Stars
23 Merry-Go-Round Charlie Parker All Stars
24 Groovin' High Charlie Parker All Stars
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