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The Jim Lowe Collection 1953-61
The Jim Lowe Collection 1953-61

Jim Lowe
Styles: Country, Pop, Rock 'n' roll
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3366
Jim Lowe was a disc jockey, singer and songwriter from Springfield Missouri, who achieved a career highlight in 1956 with the US No. 1 and UK No. 8 “Green Door”, one of the memorable early hits of the rock ‘n’ roll era. Over a period of three years during the mid-1950s he had a run of chart entries which enables him to maintain his recording career into the 1960s before concentrating on his radio work. This great-value 6-track 2-CD set comprises most of his A & B sides for the Mercury, Dot and Decca labels during this era, plus the tracks from his Mercury album “Door Of Fame” and his Dot album “The Songs They Sing Behind The Green Door”. It naturally includes his landmark hit “Green Door”, along with all his chart entries, which include the Top 20 hits “Maybellene”, “Four Walls” and “Talking To The Blues”. It’s a comprehensive overview of his career, and an entertaining showcase for an a versatile performer who was very much of his era.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Gambler's Guitar Jim Lowe
2 The Martins And The Coys Jim Lowe
3 Go And Leave Me Jim Lowe
4 Pretty Fickle Darling Jim Lowe
5 Santa Claus Rides A Strawberry Roan Jim Lowe
6 Look In Both Directions Jim Lowe
7 River Boat Jim Lowe
8 Goodbye Little Sweetheart Jim Lowe
9 Prince Of Peace Jim Lowe
10 The Golden Goose Is Dead Jim Lowe
11 Lighthouse Jim Lowe
12 Go And Leave Me Jim Lowe
13 Goodbye Mr. River Jim Lowe
14 Close The Door Jim Lowe
15 Nuevo Laredo Jim Lowe
16 Maybellene Jim Lowe
17 Rene La Rue Jim Lowe
18 John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith Jim Lowe
19 St. James Avenue Jim Lowe
20 Blue Suede Shoes Jim Lowe
21 Love is (The $64,000 Question) Jim Lowe
22 The Green Door Jim Lowe with The High Fives
23 (The Story Of) The Little Man In Chinatown Jim Lowe with The High Fives
24 I Feel The Beat Jim Lowe
25 By You, By You, By You Jim Lowe
26 Four Walls Jim Lowe
27 Talkin' To The Blues Jim Lowe
28 From A Jack To A King Jim Lowe
29 Slow Train Jim Lowe
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 The Bright Light Jim Lowe
2 Rock-A-Chicka Jim Lowe
3 Rainbow Jim Lowe
4 Love Ya Jim Lowe
5 The Crossing Jim Lowe
6 Honky Tonk Rock Jim Lowe
7 The Hucklebuck Jim Lowe
8 A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet Jim Lowe
9 Never Talk To A Talking Dog Jim Lowe
10 Piano Roll Pete Jim Lowe
11 A Personal Friend Of Mine Jim Lowe
12 Nobody's Sweetheart Jim Lowe
13 Close The Door Jim Lowe
14 (Here I Am) Broken Hearted Jim Lowe
15 The Man With The Two Left Hands Jim Lowe
16 Ballin' The Jack Jim Lowe
17 Oh-Oh-Baby! Jim Lowe
18 The Lady From Johannesburg Jim Lowe
19 Kewpie Doll Jim Lowe
20 Take Us To Your President Jim Lowe
21 Later On Tonight Jim Lowe
22 Chapel Bells On Chapel Hill Jim Lowe
23 Ja Ja Ja (The Deutsche Rock And Roll) Jim Lowe
24 Play Number Theven Jim Lowe
25 Come Away From His Arms Jim Lowe
26 Without You Jim Lowe
27 I'm Movin' On Jim Lowe
28 He'll Have To Go Jim Lowe
29 Dress Rehearsal Jim Lowe
30 The Midnight Ride Of Paul Revere Jim Lowe
31 That Do Make It Nice Jim Lowe
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