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West Coast Down Home Blues
West Coast Down Home Blues

Various Artists
Styles: Blues
Catalogue Number: ACRCD133
The West Coast of America from San Francisco to Los Angeles was never considered a Blues centre until the war years when 100,000?s of Southern Blacks migrated to the coast to work in munitions plants and other war-related industries. From the mid-forties until well into the fifties California was home to scores of record labels and artists equally important and influential as the Blues industries in Memphis or Chicago. This Collection represents the smaller and more obscure California labels that operated between 1948 and 1953 like Ray?s, Murray?s, Elko, Spire and Globe. Despite this these labels still managed to attract recording artists of the stature of Jimmy McCracklin and Smokey Hogg, two of the biggest west Coast down home blues stars.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Come And Go With Me Sonny Boy Johnson
2 Howling Woman Mac Willis
3 T.P. Railer Black Diamond
4 Central Avenue Blues R. Green & Turner
5 Black Snake Blues John Hogg
6 Brown Skin Woman Beverley Scott
7 Street Loafin' Woman Jimmy McCracklin
8 Baby I Love You Slim Green
9 Big Time Woman Ernest McClay
10 All My Money Goldrush
11 Swimming Pool Blues Sonny Boy Johnson
12 Ba-Ba-Du-Lay Fever Mercy Dee
13 Winehead Swing James Tisdom
14 Alla Blues R. Green & Turner
15 Penitentiary Blues Pt. 1 Smokey Hogg
16 When I Come In This House Big Son Tillis
17 Night Working Woman Ernest McClay
18 Pretty Woman Mac Willis
19 Lonesome Blues Black Diamond
20 Highway 101 Jimmy McCracklin
21 Throw This Dog A Bone James Tisdom
22 Tricky Woman Blues Slim Green
23 Evil & Hanky Mercy Dee
24 Little Girl Blues Beverley Scott
25 Desert Blues Sonny Boy Johnson
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