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The Red Sovine Collection 1949-59
The Red Sovine Collection 1949-59

Red Sovine
Styles: Country
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3376
Red Sovine was a country singer and songwriter, associated very much with the honky-tonk style, whose career had two fairly distinct eras where he enjoyed success, separated by a fallow period in the early 1960s. Although he went to have more hits from 1964 through to 1981, this collection deals with the first decade or so of his career, when he established his reputation and had his initial chart success. His appearances on “Louisiana Hayride” in its early years alongside Hank Williams brought him a contract with Williams’ label MGM, and he also became closely associated with honky-tonk star Webb Pierce. This great-value 56-track 2-CD collection comprises most of his A & B sides from his MGM and Decca releases during this era, including duets with Webb Pierce and Goldie Hill. It features his country chart entries during these years, including the Top 5 hit “Hold Everything (Till I Get Home)” and the No. 15 “If Jesus Came to Your House”, plus his No. 1 duet with Webb Pierce “Why Baby Why”, his No. 5 duet with Webb Pierce “Little Rosa”, along with his No. 14 duet with Goldie Hill “Yankee Go Home”. He was an artist whose music through the 1950s was very much of its era, matching his stylish and flashy suits, and this collection offers a comprehensive overview of that key first decade of his career.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Who's Lonely Now? Red Sovine
2 I Wanted You For A Lifetime Red Sovine
3 Please Don't Let Me Love You Red Sovine
4 A Lifetime Of Regret Red Sovine
5 I'm Only A Shoulder To Cry On Red Sovine
6 Why Pretend Red Sovine
7 A Hard Road To Travel Red Sovine
8 I'll Worry You Out Of My Mind Red Sovine
9 The Intoxicated Rat Red Sovine
10 Groovy Boy Red Sovine
11 When I Get Rich Red Sovine
12 You're Barking Up The Wrong Tree Red Sovine
13 Dear Mr. Santa Claus Red Sovine
14 Christmas Alone Red Sovine
15 Billy Goat Boogie Red Sovine
16 Big Dipper Red Sovine
17 Fourflusher Red Sovine
18 Farewell, So Long, Goodbye Red Sovine
19 Sundown Sue Red Sovine
20 Don't Worry Red Sovine
21 It'd Surprise You Red Sovine
22 A Loveless Marriage Red Sovine
23 Okey Dokey Red Sovine
24 Till Today Red Sovine
25 A Quarter's Worth Of Heartaches Red Sovine
26 I'm Gonna Lock My Heart (And Throw Away The Key) Red Sovine
27 You Taught Me How Red Sovine
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 How Do You Think I Feel Red Sovine
2 My New Love Affair Red Sovine
3 Don't Drop It Red Sovine
4 Don't Be The One Red Sovine
5 Outlaw Red Sovine
6 Ko Ko Mo Goldie Hill & Red Sovine
7 Are You Mine Red Sovine & Goldie Hill
8 I Hope You Don't Care Red Sovine
9 I'm Glad You Found A Place For Me Red Sovine
10 Why Baby Why Red Sovine & Webb Pierce
11 Sixteen Tons Red Sovine
12 Missing You Red Sovine
13 If Jesus Came To Your House Red Sovine
14 I Got Religion (The Old Time Way) Red Sovine
15 Little Rosa Red Sovine & Webb Pierce
16 Hold Everything (Till I Get Home) Red Sovine
17 The Best Years Of Your Life Red Sovine
18 My Little Rat Red Sovine
19 A Poor Man‘S Riches Red Sovine
20 Down On The Corner Of Love Red Sovine
21 Juke Joint Johnny Red Sovine
22 No Thanks, Bartender Red Sovine
23 Wrong Red Sovine
24 Four Arms Red Sovine
25 Once More Red Sovine
26 Courtin‘ Time In Tennessee Red Sovine
27 You Used To Be My Baby Red Sovine
28 Yankee Go Home Red Sovine & Goldie Hill
29 A Lot Like You Red Sovine & The Gadabouts
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