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I Dreamed Of A Hillbilly Heaven - The Singles Collection 1934-57
I Dreamed Of A Hillbilly Heaven - The Singles Collection 1934-57

Eddie Dean
Styles: Country
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3460
Eddie Dean was a singer and movie actor, who specialised in cowboy songs, and was regarded by luminaries of the genre like Roy Rogers and Gene Autry as absolutely the finest of all the cowboy singers, famed for the purity of his baritone voice and his individual way with a song. Starting as a country singer on radio in the ‘30s he went to Hollywood and made his screen debut in 1934, making his most popular films during the 1940s. This great-value 50-track 2 CD collection comprises selected A & B sides from his releases during these years on the Decca, Banner, Conqueror, Bel-Tone, Majestic, Crystal, Mercury, Capitol and Sage & Sand labels. It features his country hits ‘One Has My Name The Other Has My Heart’ and ‘I Dreamed Of A Hillbilly Heaven’. It’s a varied and entertaining showcase for his talent both as a singer and songwriter, and underlines why he is regarded as perhaps the greatest singing cowboy of them all.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Tell Mother I'll Be There Jimmy & Eddie Dean
2 No Disappointment In Heaven Jimmy & Eddie Dean
3 When I Move To That New Range Jimmie & Eddie Dean
4 My Mother's Dead And Gone Jimmie & Eddie Dean
5 There's An Old Family Album In The Parloer Dean Bros
6 When It's Harvest Time In Peaceful Valley Eddie Dean
7 Little Grey Home In The West Eddie Dean
8 Where The Silvery Colorado Wends Its Way Eddie Dean
9 Careless Darlin Eddie Dean
10 This Lonely World Eddie Dean
11 Born To Be Blue Eddie Dean
12  The Low Road's Good Enough For Me Eddie Dean
13 Cry, Cry, Cry  Eddie Dean
14 For Better Or Worse Eddie Dean With Cliffie Stone And His Western Stars
15 1501 Miles Of Heaven Eddie Dean
16 No Vacancy Eddie Dean
17 Missouri Eddie Dean
18 There's A Rose That Grows In The Ozarks Eddie Dean
19 I Was Wrong Eddie Dean
20 Kentucky Waltz Eddie Dean
21 Rainbow At Midnight Eddie Dean
22 I'll Cry On My Pillow Tonight Eddie Dean
23 Ain't It A Shame, Love? Eddie Dean
24 Toodle-Oo My Darling Eddie Dean And His Boys
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Spring Has Come To Old Missouri Eddie Dean And His Boys
2 On The Banks Of The Sunny San Juan Eddie Dean
3 Let's Go Sparkin' Eddie Dean
4 I'm A Kansas Man Eddie Dean & His Boys
5 It's A Boy Eddie Dean & His Boys
6 The Midnight Train (Of Lonesome Valley) Eddie Dean & His Boys
7 Roseanne Of San Jose Eddie Dean & His Boys
8 One Has My Name The Other Has My Heart Eddie Dean
9 Baby You Should Live So Long Eddie Dean
10 California Waltz Eddie Dean
11 Gravedigger's Lament Eddie Dean
12 One You Must Choose Eddie Dean
13 Neath Texas Skies Eddie Dean
14 I Wish I Knew Eddie Dean & His Boys
15 Fool's Gold Eddie Dean & His Boys
16 All That I'm Asking Is Sympathy Eddie Dean
17 If I Should Come Back Eddie Dean
18 Let Me Hold You When You're Blue Eddie Dean
19 I Married The Girl Eddie Dean
20 Beloved Enemy Eddie Dean
21 I Dreamed Of A Hillbilly Heaven Eddie Dean
22 Stealing Eddie Dean
23 Blessed Are They Eddie Dean
24 Sign On The Door Eddie Dean & Joanie Hall
25 Banks Of The Old Rio Grande Eddie Dean
26 Taos Eddie Dean
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