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California Blues
California Blues

Various Artists
Styles: Blues
Catalogue Number: ACRCD156
During the war years, California was inundated with Black Migrants from the South. They moved to work in the munitions plants and for the war effort in general, bringing their music with them. The combination of raw Southern Blues and the relative sophistication of the jazzier sounds of Los Angeles merged to form the unique style known as California Blues. This CD presents 25 examples of the style from it?s greatest practitioners.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 T-Bone Blues T-Bone Walker
2 I Wonder Cecil Grant
3 Burma Road (Part 1) Roy Milton
4 Burma Road (Part 2) Roy Milton
5 Sunny Road Charles Brown
6 Scotty's Blues Lowell Fulson
7 Wynonie Blues Wynonie Harris
8 Be-Baba-Leba Helen Humes
9 After Midnight Amos Milburn
10 I'm Gonna Find My Baby T-Bone Walker
11 Chewin' Mama Blues Dinah Washington
12 New Worried Life Blues Jack McVea
13 What's On Your Worried Mind Cecil Grant
14 Baggin' The Boogie Bob Moseley
15 Somebody Done Changed The Lock On My Door Wynonie Harris
16 My Baby's Boogyin Amos Milburn
17 Oo Wee Baby, Oo Wee Duke Henderson
18 Silver Symphony Jack McVea
19 Here Come The Blues Wynonie Harris
20 No Voot, No Boot Dinah Washington
21 Mean Old World T-Bone Walker
22 Playful Baby Wynonie Harris
23 Drifting Blues Charles Brown
24 Amos Blues Amos Milburn
25 Baby Sox Blues T-Bone Walker
26 Blues in LA Cecil Grant
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