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Piano Blues
Piano Blues

Various Artists
Styles: Blues
Catalogue Number: ACRCD192
The story of the piano blues is largely one of unsung heroes and a music mostly forgotten but so richly varied, intense and exciting that it remains a lasting testament to the indomitable spirit and genius of its pioneers. This collection traces the roots of the genre from New Orleans and other southern cities, through the advent of Boogie Woogie, to the styles developed in the ?golden triangle? of Chicago, Detroit and Indianapolis. It covers Piano Blues in all its moods ? joyous, rocking or quietly introspective ? and showcases many of the most influential, entertaining and popular practitioners of the art.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 State Street Jive Cow Cow Davenport And Ivy Smith
2 Pinetop's Boogie Woogie Pine Top Smith
3 Detroit Rocks Montana Taylor
4 House Rent Scuffle Lil Johnson
5 Rag Head Hop Romeo Nelson
6 Mean Blues Sylvester Palmer
7 Deep Morgan Blues Henry Brown
8 Fanny Lee Blues Wesley Wallace
9 Memphis Fives Lee Green
10 On The Wall Louise Johnson
11 Dice's Blues Walter Roland
12 Frisco Hi-Ball Blues Little Brother Montgomery
13 East Chicago Blues Pinetop And Lindberg
14 Fat Mama Blues Jabo Williams
15 Fives Turner Parish
16 Barrelhouse Woman Blues No. 2 Leroy Carr
17 Dozing Blues George Noble
18 Texas Stomp Dot Rice
19 The Cannonball Roosevelt Sykes
20 The Flying Crow Black Ivory King
21 Chicago In Mind Albert Ammons
22 Had A Dream Cripple Clarence Lofton
23 At The Window Jimmy Yancey
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