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Country Slide
Country Slide

Various Artists
Styles: Country
Catalogue Number: ACRCD242
25 early examples of slide guitar playing in Country and Hillbilly music in the 1930’s and 40’s. The Hawaiian guitar sounds were recreated by Country and Blues players in many different ways, the most popular being the ‘sliding’ of a broken off bottle neck and later as an almost compulsory element in every country and western band came the use of the pedal steel guitar. Among the exponents of the early forms of the art or bandleaders who incorporated the instrument are, Jimmie Davis, Cliff Carlisle, The Carter Family and Darby & Tarlton.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Red Nightgown
2 Ooze It Up To Me
3 Dark Eyes
4 Two Eyes In Tennessee
5 Bill Was A Texas Lad
6 She's A Hum Ding Dinger
7 All Bound Down In Texas
8 More Pretty Girls Than One
9 Round Up Time In Texas
10 Don't Forget This Song
11 Arabella Blues
12 Careless Love
13 Beyond Black Smoke
14 Ride 'Em 'Til I Die
15 A Darkie's Wail
16 Saturday Night Stroll
17 Lonesome Frisco Line
18 Jimmie And Sallie
19 Memories That Haunt Me
20 I'm A Lone Star Cowboy
21 Sewing Machine Blues
22 Slow Wicked Blues
23 Beautiful Stars
24 Red Velvet Slippers
25 Come Bathe In That Beautiful Pool
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