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The Prince Of Wails
The Prince Of Wails

Johnnie Ray
Catalogue Number: ACRCD300
With his trademark on-stage crying, and emotional histrionics, Ray was a consummate performer, expert at creating hysteria among the female fans in the audience. Many commentators have said that he somehow bridged the gap between Sinatra and Presley, attracting the same bobby-sox following as Frank while acting as the vanguard for the more overtly sexual approach of Elvis. Several years before the first hits of Bill Haley and Elvis, Johnnie Ray presaged that era both in his records, his performances, the hysterical following, and the disapproving tut-tutting of the older generation. The first 12 tracks of this collection comprise the whole of his final studio album recorded in London in 1974, including new versions of his classic hits ‘Cry’, ‘Little white cloud’ and ‘Walking my baby back home’. In addition there are nine other tracks including hit songs from throughout his career, showcasing his unique vocal styling.

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