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Los Angeles Rhythm & Blues 1944-54
Los Angeles Rhythm & Blues 1944-54

Various Artists
Styles: R&B
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3022
Los Angeles Blues can to all intents and purpose also be called West Coast Blues or even California Blues. For the purpose of this compilation we have used the former, simply because every track was cut in the city of Los Angeles. Just about all of the genre's main practitioners came to prominence in the city even if they were not actual natives of the state. Due to the huge influx of immigrants to work in the munitions plants for the war effort during the early Forties the city became host to a great many Texans as well as mid westerners. The guitar style of Los Angeles blues was almost entirely formulated by Texans, led by T- Bone Walker. Other influential musicians included Oklahomans, Lowell Fulson and Jay McShann, although as an actual style it is perhaps more piano-based and jazz-influenced than other regional types. The vocalists who exemplify the genre were in the main smooth and urbane, influenced no doubt by the pop stylings of Nat King Cole and several other vocalists from the Big Band era - Cecil Gant, quickly followed by Charles Brown and Amos Milburn, were the leading lights. Los Angeles was also home to numerous small jump blues outfits and due to the city?s huge nightclub opportunities many of these bands ended up taking permanent residence there.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Midnight On Central Avenue Cecil Gant
2 Flying Homes Pts 1 & 2 Illinois Jacquet
3 Drifting Blues Johnny Moore's 3 Blazers
4 Blues In Los Angeles Cecil Gant
5 Voodoo Woman Jay Mcshan W/ Jimmy Witherspoon
6 When I'm In My Tea Jo Jo Adams
7 Saturday Night Fish Fry Eddie Williams
8 Guitar In My Hand Clarence Gatemouth Brown
9 Strange Woman Blues Jay Mcshan W/ Jimmy Witherspoon
10 Mississippi Blues Floyd Dixon
11 Chicken Shack Boogie Amos Milburn
12 Courtroom Blues Johnny Otis
13 Woman Don't Want A Good Man No More Earl Jackson
14 Bowlegged Boogie Vivian Greene
15 He's The Man (He's Tall & Cool) Vivian Greene
16 B&O Blues Charles Brown
17 When A Man Has The Blues Smiley Turner
18 Rocket Boogie 88 Pt 2 Pete Johnson
19 This Joints Too Hip For Me Betty Hall Jones
20 Everyday I Have The Blues Lowell Fulson
21 Lonely Boy Blues Smiley Turner
22 Beer Drinking Baby Billy Valentine
23 Wine-O-Baby Boogie Big Joe Turner
24 Bad Bad Whiskey Amos Milburn
25 Great Big Mama Smokey Hogg
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 What's Good For One Is Good For All Chuck Norris
2 Black Night Charles Brown
3 The Hustle Is On T Bone Walker
4 Chica-Boo Lloyd Glenn
5 Safronia B Calvin Boze
6 Kinda Sick Kinda Worried Chuck Norris
7 I Got Loaded Peppermint Harris
8 When It Rains It Pours Pee Wee Crayton
9 Kissa Me baby Ray Charles
10 Pork Chops and Mustard Greens Ernie Andrews
11 High Scool baby Frankie Ervin
12 Daybreak Pee Wee Crayton
13 Let Me Go Home Whiskey Amos Milburn
14 West Coast Blues J.D.Edwards
15 The Candles Burning Low Johnny Otis
16 Lovin A Married Woman Earl Brown
17 Brwonskin Butterball Johnny Otis
18 Unlucky Man Mel Walker
19 Good Good Whiskey Amos Milburn
20 Pachuko Hop Ike Carpenter
21 Feelin' Mighty Lonesome Mel Walker
22 They Were Doin The Mambo Joe Liggins
23 Yeah Yeah Yeah Joe Liggins
24 I Ain't Drunk Jimmy Liggins
25 No More Alcohol Jimmy Liggins
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