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That Drummer's Band
That Drummer's Band

Gene Krupa
Styles: Jazz, Fabulous
Catalogue Number: FABCD137
The most famous of drummers in Big Band jazz and Swing, Gene Krupa’s reputation continues today nearly 30 years after his death. Only the late Buddy Rich has an equal fame. Krupa without doubt established the drum solo as an integral part of Jazz and later rock. In 1938 he formed his own orchestra. Amongst his band's best known recordings are the vocals with Anita O’Day, featured here. Tracks include; "Let Me Off Uptown","Ball of Fire","Jungle Madness", "Drummin' Man", "Drum Boogie".

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Rhythm Jam Gene Krupa
2 Tutti Frutti Gene Krupa
3 Quiet And Roll 'Em Gene Krupa
4 Jungle Madness Gene Krupa
5 Old Black Joe Gene Krupa
6 Drummin' Man Gene Krupa
7 Say 'Si Si' Gene Krupa
8 Love In My Heart Gene Krupa
9 Who? Gene Krupa
10 Rhumboogie Gene Krupa
11 Drum Boogie Gene Krupa
12 The Walls Kepp Talking Gene Krupa
13 Boler At The Savoy Gene Krupa
14 Thanks For THe Boogie Ride Gene Krupa
15 Ball Of Fire Gene Krupa
16 That's What You Think Gene Krupa
17 That Drummer's Band Gene Krupa
18 Massachusetts Gene Krupa
19 Let Me Off Uptown Gene Krupa
20 After You've Gone Gene Krupa
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