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I'm Blue Again
I'm Blue Again

Patsy Cline
Styles: Country, Fabulous
Catalogue Number: FABCD148
Patsy Cline's contribution to Country music is immense. Her early sixties hit “Crazy” was the first big break for Willie Nelson as a songwriter. Had her career not been tragically cut short by her death in a 1963 air crash she would certainly have become a major creative force during the ensuing decades. This selection of her early recordings for the 4 Star label includes “Walking After Midnight” considered by some to be amongst the greatest Country records ever recorded.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Walkin' After midnight Patsy Cline
2 Try Again Patsy Cline
3 Today, Tomorrow & Forever Patsy Cline
4 Three Cigarettes & An Ashtray Patsy Cline
5 I Don't Wanna Patsy Cline
6 Then You'll Know Patsy Cline
7 Stop The World Patsy Cline
8 Walking Dream Patsy Cline
9 Come On In Patsy Cline
10 Let The Teardrops Fall Patsy Cline
11 I Can See An Angel Patsy Cline
12 Never No More Patsy Cline
13 If I Could See The World Patsy Cline
14 Just Out Of Reach Patsy Cline
15 Yes I Understand Patsy Cline
16 Cry Not For Me Patsy Cline
17 I'm Blue Again Patsy Cline
18 Got A Lot Of Rhythm In My Soul Patsy Cline
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