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Mambo Sangria
Mambo Sangria

Cal Tjader
Styles: Jazz, Fabulous
Catalogue Number: FABCD200
This Fabulous release from the greatest Latin jazz vibraphonists features two albums on one disc. The albums, one recorded live and one a studio recording were recorded in 1968 and 1969 for Skye Records a label part owned by Tjader. Soul/ Jazz recordings made in the sixties have remained popular to this day in the clubs and Cal Tjader’s popularity has not diminished in the least in fact he is still the most acclaimed Anglo musician ever to play Latin jazz.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Alonzo Cal Tjader
2 Lady Madonna Cal Tjader
3 Nica's Dream Cal Tjader
4 Spooky Cal Tjader
5 St. Croix Cal Tjader
6 Tra-La-La Song Cal Tjader
7 Morning Mist Cal Tjader
8 Get Out Of My Way Cal Tjader
9 Ode To Billy Joe Cal Tjader
10 Never My Love Cal Tjader
11 Felicidade Cal Tjader
12 Mambo Sangria Cal Tjader
13 Here Cal Tjader
14 Fried Bananas Cal Tjader
15 Amazon Cal Tjader
16 La Bamba Cal Tjader
17 Eye Of The Devil Cal Tjader
18 Solar Heat Cal Tjader
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