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Hits And Rarities

The Mills Brothers
Catalogue Number: FABCD266
The Mills Brothers were perhaps THE most important and influential (not to mention longest-lasting) Jazz/Pop vocal group of the pre & post-war eras.Their sound was unique in that their earliest recordings were all totally accapella, with no instrumental accompaniment at all. Like their contemporaries, The Ink Spots, they had an incalculable influence on Doo-Wop and the ‘50s black vocal group sound. However, unlike their peers they managed to adapt their own sound and style, keeping abreast of musical trends.They continued recording and registering occasional hits throughout the ‘50s and on into the ‘60s (there is still a Mills Brother touring the US today, fronted by one of the originals brother’s grandsons!!).This 20-track collection is built around an original 12-track ‘60s Hits & Rarities set, suitably expanded to 20 tracks for the CD market. It still presents an intriguing blend of hits and rarities, tracing their recordings from 1934-52 and ranging from US Pop and R&B No. 1’s like “You Always Hurt The One You Love”, “Till Then” and “Glow Worm” to a dozen or so sides which were never hits. Many of these rarities have never previously been reissued on CD.

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