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The Crooners Rock!
The Crooners Rock!

Various Artists
Styles: Pop, Rock 'n' roll
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3068
50 Singers Of The Pre-Rock Era Try Their Hand At Rock 'n' Roll. In the early ‘50s, pop music was ruled by clean-cut singers making records for the whole family - romantic ballads, novelty songs, or hits from a musical. The fall of the big band era had made the singers the star, and the crooners ruled. Rock ‘n’ roll changed all that. The record industry was about survival of the fittest; the companies and their artists had to adapt or die, whatever they thought of the music. Hits were everything, and these fifty tracks show how the vocalists of the old guard on both sides of the Atlantic tried to get them by keeping up with the new craze. Some of the outings were enthusiastic but distinctly ill-advised and cringe-making; others proved that the crooners could rock, even if they didn’t really want to. Generally, neither their fans, nor the rock ‘n’ rollers, wanted to hear them do it, which meant that a high proportion of these tracks failed to chart, and were consigned to that highly collectable archive of rock ‘n’ roll curios, and are in many cases making their first outing on CD here. It’s a fascinating and entertaining insight into a strand of pop in one of music’s most exciting eras.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Two Hearts, Two Kisses Frank Sinatra
2 Just Kiss Me Dean Martin
3 Jacques d’Iraque Sammy Davis Jr.
4 Close Your Eyes Tony Bennett
5 Kewpie Doll Perry Como
6 Rock and Roll Express Vaughn Monroe
7 Send For Me Nat King Cole
8 Tennessee Rock ‘n’ Roll Billy Eckstine
9 Ko Ko Mo Louis Armstrong and Gary Crosby
10 Bull Moose Bobby Darin
11 Butterfly Andy Williams
12 Teenage Meeting Don Cornell
13 The Only Man on the Island Vic Damone
14 Rock -a-Billy Guy Mitchell
15 Flip, Flop and Fly Johnnie Ray
16 Lovin' Up a Storm Frankie Laine
17 Whad'ja Put in That Kiss? Doris Day
18 I Got a Sweetie Jo Stafford
19 Rock and Roll Waltz Kay Starr
20 Baby, Baby, Wait For Me Peggy Lee
21 Broken-Hearted Melody Sarah Vaughan
22 Honolulu Rock a Roll a Eartha Kitt
23 Just A Sweet Old Fashioned Girl Teresa Brewer
24 Great Balls of Fire Georgia Gibbs
25 My First Formal Gown Patti Page
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Have Guitar Will Travel Matt Monro
2 Rock-a-Chicka Frankie Vaughan
3 A Teenager In Love Dickie Valentine
4 Walkin' After Midnight Jimmy Young
5 Don't Nobody Move Lee Lawrence
6 Hearts of Stone Tony Brent
7 Start Movin' Donald Peers
8 Dungaree Doll Sam Browne
9 Bye Bye Love Denny Dennis
10 Oh Boy Paul Rich
11 I Want You to Be My Baby Pearl Carr
12 Heartbreak Hotel Frances Day as “Gale Warning”
13 Ein Bisschen Gluck (It Isn’t Right) Vera Lynn
14 Seven Days Anne Shelton
15 Fibbin' Petula Clark
16 There’s Never Been a Night Shirley Bassey
17 Precious Love Dorothy Squires
18 I’m in Love Again Alma Cogan
19 I Need Somebody Lita Roza
20 Love Me to Pieces Joan Regan
21 Rock a Boogie Baby Diana Decker
22 Everybody's Buddy Billie Anthony
23 Where in the World is Billy Eve Boswell
24 I Hear You Knocking Jill Day
25 Old Enough to Know Beverley Sisters
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