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Styles: Classical
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Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Crucifixus Requiem Crucifixus
2 Introit- Kyrie Crucifixus
3 Offertorium Crucifixus
4 Sanctus Crucifixus
5 Pie Jesu Crucifixus
6 Agnus Dei Crucifixus
7 Lux aeterna Crucifixus
8 Libera me Crucifixus
9 In paradisum Crucifixus
10 Stabat Mater Sinfonia Sacra Crucifixus
11 Deus, Deus, Meus Crucifixus
12 Super Flumina Babylonis Crucifixus
13 Sanctus: Levavi Oculos Crucifixus
14 Shakespeare Songs: O strange men Crucifixus
15 Shakespeare Songs: The marriage of true minds Crucifixus
16 Shakespeare Songs: It was a lover and his lass Crucifixus
17 Songs of Farewell: Hey nonny no: small rain Crucifixus
18 Songs of Farewell: Wine and roses; miserere Crucifixus
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