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Texas Gospel - Come On Over Here, Vol. 1
Texas Gospel - Come On Over Here, Vol. 1

Various Artists
Styles: Blues, Gospel
Catalogue Number: ACMCD4209
Our Gospel series continues with a review of one of the most famous and prestigious post war gospel labels ? Peacock Records. Based in Dallas, the label was one of the first to openly promote Gospel music like R&B and reaped rewards for many years to come. They were also one of the first companies to promote Gospel as a commercial and popular genre and not purely as a religious medium. These are the labels first releases and have never been available on CD before, in fact some tracks have never been heard since their original release on 78. The series also neatly dovetails with our earlier releases, ?Texas Blues? Vols 1, 2 & 3 (ACMCD 4003/4/5) and demonstrate Texas? importance in the development of American music and culture.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 I Know My Jesus Is The Light The Christland Singers
2 Let Me Tell You About Jesus The Christland Singers
3 In A Few More Days The Christland Singers
4 Peace In The Land The Christland Singers
5 Come On Over Here Southern Wonders
6 Who Is That Knocking Southern Wonders
7 Gambling Man Southern Wonders
8 This Is The Rest For The Weary Southern Wonders
9 Rest From My Labour Gospel Tone Singers
10 Speak To Me Jesus Gospel Tone Singers
11 God Spoke To Me One Day Swanee Spiritual Singers
12 Let Us Stand On The Rock Swanee Spiritual Singers
13 Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown Part One Golden Harp Gospel Singers
14 Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown Part Two Golden Harp Gospel Singers
15 Calling Jesus, My Rock Golden Harp Gospel Singers
16 I'll Make It Somehow Golden Harp Gospel Singers
17 I Just Cant Keep From Crying The Stars Of Hope
18 I Want To Be More Like Jesus The Stars Of Hope
19 Where Shall I Go The Stars Of Hope
20 You Better Mind The Stars Of Hope
21 God's Chariot Part One Gospel Travellers
22 God's Chariot Part Two Gospel Travellers
23 After Awhile Wilson & Watson Singers
24 Keep The Fire Burning In Me Wilson & Watson Singers
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