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Pow Wow
Pow Wow

Adam & The King Bee
Styles: Blues
Catalogue Number: TRACD6505
This is the first album made together as a duo by the two main front men of popular and hard-working British blues/rock band The Mustangs - Adam Norsworthy, the group’s dynamic singer/guitarist, and Derek Kingaby, their much more laid-back veteran harmonica player. The Mustangs have acquired a formidable reputation and considerable following over the last decade, appearing at just about every blues festival in the UK, and being regularly booked back year after year, and during that time have built a catalogue of six excellent albums, all now available from Trapeze. On their travels, Adam and Derek often find themselves sitting late into the night after a gig, the “pow wows” generally turning into informal jamming and songwriting sessions. Adam and Derek developed some of this material at the occasional gigs they do as a duo, and have now recorded this first collection. As Adam writes in the booklet notes: “This isn’t a solo CD nor a Mustangs album – it’s a light-hearted musical pow-wow between two very old – and getting older- friends.” The result is an album that harks back to some of the blues duos of the classic era, with a stripped down rawness allied to a warmth that comes from people who are well used to playing together, and providing an enjoyable showcase both for Adam’s distinctive voice and Derek’s finely-honed harmonica.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Peace Offering Adam & The King Bee
2 Turn Right Go Left Adam & The King Bee
3 Take Your Time Adam & The King Bee
4 Original Sin Adam & The King Bee
5 After All Adam & The King Bee
6 She Could Be Lying Adam & The King Bee
7 You Got Me Right Adam & The King Bee
8 Undone By Love Adam & The King Bee
9 Hold The Bone Adam & The King Bee
10 One More Then Bed Adam & The King Bee
11 Kiss Me Four Adam & The King Bee
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