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In The Mood -  Instrumental Gems from the Embassy Label
In The Mood - Instrumental Gems from the Embassy Label

Various Artists
Styles: Embassy Label
Catalogue Number: ACMCD4371
The Embassy label occupied a unique place in the British pop scene of the 1950 & ‘60s, releasing cover versions of current pop hits which were sold exclusively through the Woolworths chain of stores, and their recordings have become increasingly collectable in recent years, to the extent that Acrobat have released complete collections of the 45rpm singles from 1960, 61 and 52. However, Embassy also made EPs and LPs which covered a wider spread of repertoire to take advantage of the presence they had in stores which addressed the mass market. This included instrumental material of all kinds, including their covers of instrumental chart hits, and this collection pulls together 32 examples of their top quality recordings, usually made by the top session musicians in the British industry, released under a variety of identities. It makes for very enjoyable listening, as well as being a collectable snapshot of their eclectic output from that era.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 In The Mood Gordon Franks Orchestra
2 Patricia Gordon Franks Orchestra
3 Petite Fleur Jacques Leroy & His Orchestra
4 Muskrat Ramble The Midnight Jazzmen
5 Entry Of The Gladiators Royal Artillery Band
6 Gypsy Fiddler Michael Freedman & His Hi-Fi Orchestra
7 La Paloma Jacques Leroy & His Orchestra
8 Tenderly Romancers dir. by Ken Jones
9 By A Sleepy Lagoon London Metropolis Symphony Orchestra
10 Blue Tango Franchito & His Orchestra
11 Rhapsody In Blue Embassy Players dir. By Ken Jones
12 Ballet Egyptien (Allegro non troppo) Embassy Symphony Orchestra cond. by Michael Freedman
13 Drigo's Serenade (Les Millions d'Harlequin) Jacques Leroy Orchestra
14 Take The A Train Gordon Franks Orchestra
15 The Elephant's Tango Oscar Rabin's Lyceum Band
16 The Poor People Of Paris Primo Scala & His Accordion
17 Pigalle Jacques Leroy & His Orchestra
18 High Society Laurie Gold & His Pieces Of Eight
19 The Black Bottom James Wright Orchestra
20 Dardanella Happy Knights Jazz Band
21 Guitar Boogie Shuffle Bud Ashton with Rhythmic Accompaniment
22 Twelfth Street Rag Bobby Brent & Rhythm Accompaniment
23 Hoots Mon Gordon Franks & His Orchestra
24 Roulette Joe Julian with Rhythmic Accompaniment
25 So Blue Harold Smart at the organ
26 Basie Boogie Gordon Franks Orchestra
27 Say Si-Si Pedro Lopez & His Orchestra
28 A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody Embassy Ballroom Orchestra dir. By Eddie Macauley
29 Kon-Tiki Bud Ashton with Rhythmic Accompaniment
30 Opus 1 Gordon Franks Orchestra
31 Peanut Vendor Jules Ruben piano & percussion
32 South Rampart Street Parade Dixielanders
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