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The James P. Johnson Collection 1921-49
The James P. Johnson Collection 1921-49

James P. Johnson
Styles: Jazz
Catalogue Number: FADCD2052
James P. Johnson was one of the greatest and most important jazz pianists in the history of the genre, largely responsible for originating what became the stride piano style, and having a profound influence on contemporaries and later luminaries such as Fats Waller and Duke Ellington. He was one of the earliest recording artists in jazz, making piano rolls before 1920, and then becoming a star in Harlem in the early ‘20s. He was a successful composer as well as musician, writing songs for Broadway shows like “Running Wild”, including the musical landmark that encapsulated the Roaring Twenties “The Charleston”. He was in demand to record with many artists during this era, and accompanied a number of the top female blues artists of the day, such as Bessie Smith and Ethel Waters. This excellent-value 47-track collection covers the period of more than a quarter of a century which comprised his most active recording career, which was slowing down when he suffered a disabling stroke in 1951. It naturally includes many of his most famous tunes and piano solos, but also includes his work with a host of major names over the years, including Fats Waller, Bessie Smith, King Oliver, Clarence Williams, Eddie Condon and Sidney Bechet. It’s a fascinating overview of his career, and a great showcase for one of the genre’s most influential piano stylists.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 The Harlem Strut  James P. Johnson
2 Carolina Shout  James P. Johnson
3 Keep Off The Grass  James P. Johnson
4 Dear Old Southland  James P. Johnson's Harmony Eight
5 Worried And Lonesome Blues  James P. Johnson
6 You Can't Do What My Last Man Did  James P. Johnson
7 Scouting Around  James P. Johnson
8 The Charleston James P. Johnson
9 The Original Black Bottom Dance Sadie Jackson
10 Preaching The Blues Bessie Smith
11 Snowy Morning Blues  James P. Johnson
12 Sweet Mistreater Bessie Smith
13 Black Snake Moan Rosa Henderson
14 Can I Get It Now?  Johnson's Jazzers
15 Chicago Blues  Jimmy Johnson & His Orchestra
16 Guess Who's In Town James P. Johnson
17 Riffs  James P. Johnson
18 Feeling Blue  James P. Johnson
19 Fare Thee Honey Blues  Jimmy Johnson & His Band
20 Blue Spirit Blues Bessie Smith
21 You've Got To Be Modernistic Jimmy Johnson & His Orchestra
22 Wipe It Off Lonnie Johnson, Clarence Williams
23 Jingles James P. Johnson
24 How Could I Be Blue Jimmy Johnson And Clarence Williams
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Go Harlem Jimmy Johnson And His Orchestra
2 Liza  James P. Johnson
3 Harlem Woogie Jimmy Johnson & His Orchestra
4 Mule Walk  James P. Johnson
5 Old Fashioned Love Jimmy Johnson And His Orchestra
6 One Hour Mama Ida Cox Acc By Her All-Star Band
7 Boogie Woogie Stride James P. Johnson
8 Daintiness Rag  James P. Johnson
9 Back Water Blues James P. Johnson
10 Royal Garden Blues Edmond Hall's Blue Note Jazzmen
11 Caprice Rag  James P. Johnson
12 Blueberry Rhyme  James P. Johnson
13 Blue Moods (1) James P. Johnson
14 Yamekraw James P. Johnson
15 After You've Gone James P. Johnson's Blue Note Jazzmen
16 Euphonic Sounds James P. Johnson
17 Call Of The Blues Sidney DeParis' Blue Note Jazzmen
18 A Porter's Love Song To A Chamber Maid  James P. Johnson
19 Over The Bars  James P. Johnson
20 If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight)  James P. Johnson
21 Just You, Just Me Eddie Condon And His Orchestra 
22 Aint' cha got music James P. Johnson
23 September Song Sidney Bechet And His Circle Seven
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