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The Lonnie Johnson Collection 1925-52
The Lonnie Johnson Collection 1925-52

Lonnie Johnson
Styles: Blues, Jazz
Catalogue Number: ADDCD3140
It’s no exaggeration to say that without Lonnie Johnson, blues guitar would not have developed as it did. He was one of the true pioneers and originators of the genre, and his influence resonates through the playing of later blues guitar legends, including Robert Johnson and T-Bone Walker, and B.B. King cites him as a primary source of inspiration. His owed his versatility on guitar, violin and piano to his upbringing in the musical hotbed of New Orleans, and in his early recordings he spanned the worlds of jazz and blues with ease, working with the likes of Louis Armstrong’s Hot Five, Duke Ellington’s Orchestra and guitarist Eddie Lang, as well as some of the top blues singers of the day. This great-value 48-track 2-CD set traces the first quarter-century or so of a recording career that was interrupted by a decline in fortunes during the Depression but which saw him climb back to popularity during the 1940s with R&B hits on the King label. It provides an excellent showcase for his genuinely unique talent and highly adaptable technique, and admirably demonstrates why his recordings had such an impact on emerging stars of the time.

Disk 1:
Track Title Artist
1 Won't Don't Blues Charlie Creath
2 Mr. Johnson's Blues Lonnie Johnson
3 Falling Rain Blues Lonnie Johnson
4 Five O'clock Blues Lonnie Johnson
5 Mean Old Bedbug Blues Lonnie Johnson
6 Dope Head Blues Victoria Spivey
7 6/88 Glide Lonnie Johnson
8 I'm Not Rough Louis Armstrong's Hot Five
9 Savoy Blues Louis Armstrong's Hot Five
10 Hotter Than That Louis Armstrong's Hot Five
11 Sweet Potato Blues Lonnie Johnson
12 Stompin' 'Em Along Slow Lonnie Johnson
13 Playing With The Strings Lonnie Johnson
14 No More Women Blues Alger Texas Alexander
15 Deep Blue Sea Blues Alger Texas Alexander
16 Move Over Duke Ellington And His Orchestra
17 The Mooche Duke Ellington And His Orchestra
18 Paducah The Chocolate Dandies
19 Star Dust The Chocolate Dandies
20 Toothache Blues - Part 1 Victoria Spivey & Lonnie Johnson
21 Have To Change Keys (To Play These Blues) Lonnie Johnson & Blind Willie Dunn
22 Mahogany Hall Stomp Louis Armstrong And His Savoy Ballroom Five
23 Jet Black Blues Blind Willie Dunn's Gin Bottle Four
24 Guitar Blues Lonnie Johnson & Blind Willie Dunn
Disk 2:
Track Title Artist
1 Handful Of Riffs Eddie Lang & Lonnie Johnson
2 She's Making Whoopee In Hell Tonight Lonnie Johnson
3 No More Troubles Now Lonnie Johnson
4 You're Getting Old On Your Job Clara Smith & Lonnie Johnson
5 You Had Too Much Clara Smith & Lonnie Johnson
6 Got The Blues For Murder Only Lonnie Johnson
7 Beautiful But Dumb Lonnie Johnson
8 Not The Chump I Used To Be Lonnie Johnson
9 Men, Get Wise To Yourself Lonnie Johnson
10 Racketeer's Blues Lonnie Johnson
11 I'm Nuts About That Gal Lonnie Johnson
12 Why Women Go Wrong Lonnie Johnson
13 I'm Just Dumb Lonnie Johnson
14 Red Onion Blues Johnny Dodds Orchestra
15 Gravier Street Blues Johnny Dodds Orchestra
16 New Orleans Hop Scop Blues Jimmie Noone And His Orchestra
17 Keystone Blues Jimmie Noone And His Orchestra
18 Crowing Rooster Blues Lonnie Johnson
19 He's A Jelly Roll Baker Lonnie Johnson
20 Tomorrow Night Lonnie Johnson
21 Pleasing You Lonnie Johnson
22 So Tired Lonnie Johnson
23 Confused Lonnie Johnson
24 You Can't Buy Love Lonnie Johnson with Todd Rhodes' Band
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